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    CHF 450,000.00
    • 1700 sqm

    North Lugano - Woodworking - carpentry company

    Lugano Nord, Switzerland
    Others , Manufacturing , Construction
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    CHF 55,000.00
    • 50 sqm
    • 1

    Lugano Paradiso - take away pizzeria - ethnic food

    Lugano Paradiso, Switzerland
    Food & Drink
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    CHF 150,000.00
    • 200 sqm
    • 1

    Fully modern operating gym in Mendrisio

    Mendrisio, Switzerland
    Healthcare & Fitness
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    CHF 1,300,000.00
    • 205 sqm

    Lounge Bar Lugano

    Lugano, Switzerland
    Food & Drink , Entertainment
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    CHF 40,000.00
    • 49 sqm
    • 2

    Bakery - Patisserie - Take Away

    Lugano, Switzerland
    Food & Drink
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    CHF 399,000.00
    • 90 sqm
    • 3

    Kiosk - Locarno Railway & Bus Station

    Locarno, Switzerland
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    CHF 130,000.00
    • 3

    Ice Cream shop by Dept. Store

    Mendrisiotto, Switzerland
    Food & Drink
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    CHF 95,000.00
    • 56 sqm

    Bellinzona Station - Innovative Boutique

    Bellinzona Station, Switzerland
    Others , Retail
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    CHF 75,100.00
    • 56 sqm

    Piccola Boutique Abbigliamento Donna

    Bellinzona, Switzerland
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    CHF 380,000.00
    • 250 sqm
    • 10

    Restaurant Pizzeria Lugano

    Lugano Cintura, Switzerland
    Food & Drink
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    CHF 900,000.00
    • 12

    Catering companies equipments supplier

    Mendrisiotto, Switzerland
    Hospitality , Others
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    CHF 106,000.00
    • 90 sqm

    Lugano Flower Shop

    Lugano, Switzerland
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    CHF 120,000.00
    • 230 sqm

    Family-run Carpentry in the Mendrisio area

    Mendrisio District, Switzerland
    Others , Manufacturing
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    CHF 146,000.00
    • 300 sqm

    Boutique Bellinzona

    Bellinzona, Switzerland
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    CHF 612,000.00
    • 400 sqm

    Food & Drink , Hospitality
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    Private Negotiation
    • 7
  • Many people and businesses dream of freely owning and managing businesses or growing through mergers and acquisitions! It is common to come across situations of people and small and medium-sized enterprises engaged in saving funds to start their own business initiatives to be developed.

    Unfortunately, as business environments change rapidly and continuously, many entrepreneurs rightly consider acquiring existing businesses less risky than starting new businesses from scratch.

    There are many benefits to buying existing assets (or asset shares).

    Above all, however, lies the greater probability of reducing the risk of closure after new business start-up. On average, it is estimated that over 30% of new businesses are exposed to a risk of closure in the first two years of activity, a percentage that rises to 50% in the first 5 years, 66% in the first 10 years and 90% in start-ups. technological.

    Here are some important tips that it is advisable to follow in any case, BEFORE buying an existing business, understanding the reason why the seller is selling, evaluating financial, legal and many other aspects. Here are some key questions:

    1) What is a reasonable goal to achieve?

    2) Which documents to collect are valid for more than one alternative comparatively?

    3) How to evaluate the correctness of the sale price?

    4) How to prepare a SWOT analysis (strengths and weaknesses, risks and opportunities), an economic and transition plan and a break-even point? (where you lose or start earning)

    5) How to create an offer and protect yourself from risks?

    6) How to find and organize the contribution of any co-investors?

    7) How to conclude the sale, validate documents, check goods, plants, offices and human resources?

    8) How to ensure a way out if the investment fails after 12/24/36 months, recovering at least part of the investment?

    If you need assistance or advice of any kind in this regard, we are available.

    Please contact us through our 'contact' page!

       To protect the privacy that our customers do ask us for and to which they have right!

        Indications will be provided only to the interested parties after having signed a short standard confidentiality agreement, to which a copy of the identity document of the applicant natural person(s) or person with signatory powers for legal persons must be attached.

        In many cases news about a business for sale can in fact create problems to the seller, like key employees resignations, defamation from competitors, change of payment conditions from suppliers or banks etc.

    Because the following reasons are both very important:

    1. to be able to view photos/plans that we do not have preliminary permission to send, but only to show;
    2. to be able to better understand the features of the desired 'ideal' object, profiling the same to allow us  to propose focused alternative options. 

    Yes, of course!

    Just fill in the forms downloaded online or received by e-mail, and confirm 3 dates and times available for a short video conference.  You will receive a message confirming one of the three and one of our operators will be gladly available in Italian, English, German, French or Spanish.

    Yes, of course!

    All you need is a smartphone and an internet connection; obviously having a larger monitor will certainly improve the quality of your viewing experience! 

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     If you wish to have more information (including the exact business address!), related to our proposals or sell your business, please, download and read carefully the files available in this area, filing in the same and enclosing your valid and updated identity document, sending all by e-mail to :

    Why is this necessary ?

     In order to respect the applicable local and EU privacy law and the confidentiality, that the sellers are asking us for (economic, staff and real estate property information).

       Please, enter here below the password which has been notified to you by phone from our sales operators in order to have access to the files list and thank you for your time and cooperation :